, is a Nigerian corporation (the “Company”), is into providing hostel accommodation for students  living off campus in various higher institutions of learning in Nigeria.  

This Terms and Conditions seeks to guard you in knowing your responsibilities to the company, agents and to our clients who are the most important in this business. It also details the mandatory  features you need to capture when getting the hostels, as well as the remuneration.


Responsibilities to the Agents 

  1. You will work with the company to get Agents willing to advertise their properties on 
  2. You will treat every agent with respect and accord them the necessary courtesy. 
  3. You will ensure that every hostel uploaded and advertised on the rentalodge website is  verified as authentic. 
  4. You will make sure that there are at least 10 very different images for every hostel uploaded (see template below) on the website so as to ensure that students are exposed to as many features of these properties as possible in order to aid their renting decisions on the website.  
  5. You will put the agents through the process of uploading the properties and to familiarize  them with
  6. In cases where you have to capture and/or upload images for the agents, you will get the authentic bank accounts of the appropriate agent/caretaker/landlord as well as the authentic phone number(s) of the agent/caretaker/landlord concerned. You understand how very important it is to get these details.  
  7. You will be in charge when any payment is made on as you will be the contact responsible for collecting the key for the student, as long as the agent of the hostel is in your location.
  8. You will be responsible for making sure that the agent gets the funds for the hostel or properties rented in your location.
  9. You will help the company form a cordial relationship with agents of student hostels.
  10. You  will abide by other important responsibilities to the agents as the company might  deem fit in the future. 


Responsibilities to the Students 

  1. Together with the company, you will be the contact in creating awareness in the student community in your  location.
  2. You will treat students who come or intend to come to our website,  rentalodge, with maximum respect.
  3. You will help students who need assistance with navigating the website, you will be ready to assist and make them have an enjoyable experience on our website.
  4. You will be available when payments are made through the website and you will be the contact to make the key collected from the appropriate hostel agent available to the student who made the payment. Thus, you commit to making sure that the key of every of the lodge rented by a client is delivered to the student's door step.
  5. You will ensure that after delivering the key to the student, the student confirms the receipt of the key on his/her personal account on the rentalodge website.
  6. When delivering the key to the student, you will strongly advise that the key be changed for security reasons.
  7. You will help the company form a cordial relationship with students who would be in need of the services offered by the company.
  8. You will abide by other important responsibilities to the students as the company might deem fit in the future.


Responsibilities to the Company 

  1. You agree to make this company a priority in everything you do and to commit to an effective delivery of your responsibilities as outlined on this page.
  2. You agree to work with agents who have student hostels to place on our Website and to treat them with great respect.
  3. You agree to treat our clients with a great respect because you are the link between the client, the agent and the company.
  4. You agree to make sure that this project is a success in your school environment.
  5. You agree to the financial remuneration that the company has promised to provide to you. 
  6. You agree to work duly and diligently with every arm of the company.
  7. You agree to be a good representative of the company anywhere you find yourself.
  8. You agree that the company interest will come first whenever you are doing business with our clients or the agents.
  9. You agree to write a monthly report of the activities of the previous month. 
  10. You agree to abide by other important responsibilities to the agents as the company might deem fit in the future.
  11. You agree that failure to discharge your duties responsibly (such as following the correct template for capturing images, getting key from the agent, delivering key to the student, ensuring student confirms receipt of key, etc) could lead to suspension, termination, and/or any other penalties that the company may deem fit.


Responsibilities of the Company to Executive Liaison Officer

  1. The remuneration will be discussed with the company directly 
  2. The company agrees to bear liability for all matters arising out of any transaction conducted for and on behalf of the company, especially, but not limited to those conducted on the company’s website which is and to indemnify the Executive Liaison Officer (ELS) against third party proceedings arising therefrom.
  3. The company agrees to work closely with you in creating awareness in the student community in your  location. 
  4. The company agrees to supply you with the company IDs as soon as it is ready to enable easy transaction of business.
  5. The company agrees to do all that is necessary to further and particularly assure the smooth running of this arrangement.


Template  For Uploading Picture 

List of things needed to be captured when uploading a lodge on

  1. Four angles of the lodge
  2. The floor
  3. The ceiling
  4. The toilet 
  5. The water supply in the lodge
  6. Alternative power supply if there is any
  7. Different shots of the outside view of the lodge
  8. Shots of the environment


Updated last on 13th October, 2016